Calendly is a popular meeting scheduling platform, supporting Google, Office, Exchange and iCloud for calendar syncing, but not Fastmail, the provider I use.

There are alternatives:

  • SimplyMeet works with the CalDAV protocol, and syncs well with Fastmail, however their interface only shows one week’s worth of dates, making finding a date more painful than it needs to be.
  • also works with CalDAV and has a better interface. However their parsing of events seemed to be broken, blocking off entire days from the UI that had no events scheduled! That doesn’t inspire confidence for a calendar app, so hard pass there.

Then there’s the fact that most people use Calendly, and when you also have an account your busy/free times are visible on other people’s pages, making scheduling that little bit easier.

So, here’s how to bring Calendly and Fastmail together, through Google Calendar:

  1. In Fastmail settings scroll down your list of calendars and connect your Google account. This will ensure the events scheduled on Calendly appear on your Fastmail calender!
  2. On the same page click “Edit & share” next to your main calendar.
  3. Check the box next to “Full event details” and copy the URL.
  4. In Google Calender go to Settings, Add Calendar, From URL and paste the URL you just copied. Rename it to something like “Fastmail”.
  5. Now sign up/log in to your Calendly account. Connect it to your Google account.
  6. Under “Check for conflicts” select the Google calendar, and your Fastmail calendar. Note your Fastmail calendar will have the name of the calendar from Fastmail e.g. “Calendar”, not have the name you set above on Google.

And you should be done. Check your Calendly URL and use the 🔧 Troubleshoot icon at the bottom to confirm that everything is connected.

Happy meetings!